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Flat Fee Plus

Finding a buyer is only half the battle when selling property. As much or more work is needed to perform the closing of the sale. We recommend our Flat Fee Plus™ program to all sellers who are not experienced or comfortable in working with real estate agents, legal documents, mortgage lenders, title companies, inspectors, and all the other parties and processes involved in the sale of property. The program is also useful when working with agents that prefer not to deal with seller-owners directly.

You may pay by credit card through PayPal.

My Flat Fee Plus™ program includes:

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing. The MLS is the database used by all Realtors to search for homes for the buyers they are representing.
  • Realtor.com listing.
  • Local board of Realtors listing.
  • A lockbox so Realtors may easily and securely show your home.

Plus I will accepts, reviews and negotiates all offers and represents the property owners through to closing. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing and preparing necessary documents.
  • Intaking, reviewing and presenting any and all offers made by other real estate agents.
  • Advising the seller on the offer’s merits as they relate to the market.
  • Assisting the seller in making a counter offer.
  • Receipting of the contract and of any funds with an escrow agent (title company).
  • Making sure inspections and re-inspections are accomplished under the time frame called for in the contract.
  • Negotiating any repairs requested by buyer after inspection period.
  • Following up with buyer’s lender to make sure financing is flowing smoothly.
  • Working with title company to make sure property is closed within the time called for by the contract.

This list simplifies many of the tasks required to sell a home or property. I performs these services for a one-time nominal flat fee paid at the successful closing and funding of the sale.. Please note, many properties receive multiple offers or have contracts fall through.

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